Teaching Staff:

NameDesignationQualificationExperienceTrained / Untrained
1. P.Sri DeviPrincipalM.Sc, B.Ed17 yTrained
2. Sk.Adam ValiVice PrincipalM.Sc, B.Ed13 yTrained
3. Sk.Gouse Rehaman GoriTeacherB.Sc, B.Ed9 yTrained
4. T.SrinivasaraoTeacherM.A, B.Ed8 yTrained
5. P.V. DivyaTeacherM.A English Literature3 yTTC Trained
6. Venkat LakshmiTeacherTelugu Literature3 yTrained
7. EswariTeacher——2 yTrained
8. B. Sita RavammaTeacherM.Com, B. Lisc25 yTrained
9. P.V. RangacharyuluTeacherM.A, B.Ed25 yTrained
10. S. Geetha DeviPRTM.Sc.4 y——
11. D. Siva LakshmiTeacherB.Sc, B.EdFresherTrained
12. R. DeepikaTeacherB.A, B.Ed2 yTrained
14. ButchibabuPTIMp.Ed4 yTrained
Sk. Adam Vali

Sk. Adam Vali

Mr. Sk. Adam Vali, Vice Principal

He started his second career as a teacher with us since 2003 and has stick to us and wanting to continue helping the organization and the needy.
G. Sheshadi

G. Sheshadri

Mr. Gottipati Sheshadri, Warden, Age – 79 years

He is a well known person from Bollapally village, Prakasham Dist. from a rich family, but has social concern to help needy. From the last 12 years, since 2003 has been supporting us since start of our school. He has been dedicatedly working for our school ever since and taking good care of our students with good relationship. He gets all the groceries daily. He has not taken any personal leave till today.