P. Sridevi

P. Sridevi, M.Sc, B.Ed, Principal

Education is part of life and is compulsory to all children. Right to Education is necessity. We try to provide value based and skilled professional courses and education to the children we support. We provide good nutritional food and facilities to all children at par to any corporate school that is in urban area, even though we are in a remote village. We make sure that children get all the skills that are needed for them to grow and based on their interest. We give career guidance and provide all the information that is needed for any student who come out of school. The school children who have come out of our school have well settled either in further education or other professional jobs. They have also formed as alumni group and keep visiting our school, which shows our relationship with the children. We give training in several life skills like agriculture, dairy farming, electrical, machinery, sewing/stitching for girls etc.