Below are the regular events that happen during the academic year:

  • 10-Apr – Farewell to Pass out students
  • 06-May – Old students / alumni day
  • 01-June – School opening day
  • 01-July – Fresher’s day
  • 15-Aug – Flag hoisting by prominent persons, social and cultural activities performed by children
  • 05-Sept – Teacher’s day, teachers get gift articles and mementos by the management. Students perform as teachers and cultural activities
  • 02-Oct – Social Message by prominent persons or other organizations
  • 14-Nov – Cultural activities and special movie session
  • 25-Dec – Christmas festival by children
  • 01-Jan – Special activities by children and cultural activities
  • 26-Jan – Republic day flag hoisting

Apart from above, every third Sunday in Dec – Semi Christmas, we distribute food to villagers. Celebrate few Hindu and Islam festivals like Mahasivarathri (February), Ramzan where we give Iftar party to muslim villagers, etc.

Other local Hindu festivals which do not fall on specific days, children get special items along with regular menu in the food and they celebrate as per their like.

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