The school is open and free education (CBSE Syllabus) with boarding and all facilities for all the needy students if they satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Are fully orphans (first preference) or mother expired (if father cannot support, second preference) or father expired (if mother cannot support, third preference).
  2. At least 10 years of age or have passed 5th Standard from any school.
  3. Has the birth certificate, any id proof with current home address, transfer certificate from current school, and death certificate(s) of mother, father or both.
  4. Any one can refer any deserved students meeting above criteria to us.

Note: There is no discrimination based on caste/religion. There will be enquiry and background check on the student to check the genuinity of the candidate and only after it is confirmed, the student will be confirmed to continue in the school. If there are more number of children that we can accommodate (25 boys, 25 girls), then there will be interview of the candidate and based on his performance and the need, priority of admission will be done accordingly.