NICE (Needy Illiterate Children Education) School is a CBSE affiliated school with No. 130349. The School provides a high quality and free education to all orphans, single parent and needy children in a supportive and compassionate environment where diversity is celebrated and valued.

From the last 7 years, all the students have written NIOS final exams and there is no single failure by any student and in any subject.

The School is a symbiosis of modern and traditional systems of learning. Education needs to be relevant to real life. The school interacts and absorbs what is pertinent from the ever changing world. At the same time without proper value systems, the knowledge acquired may not be put to proper use. The school instills discipline and makes the child aware of the value of freedom. A right amalgamation of ethics and new age demands go into the molding of every child. Personal touch with every ward at every stage is the hallmark of this institution.