NICE is started by Mr. Purnachander Rao in May 2002, along with four like minded persons. Mr. Purnachander Rao after several struggles in his life having no father since his childhood, has studied till graduation on his own expenses, and struggled for students development activities in his college days. He after graduation worked in private company and volunteered for  CRY for 4 years and have seen a necessity of providing good education to needy and orphan children. He has been nurturing this passion to establish a free residential school for orphans/semi orphans/very marginalized children with the highest standards of education along with skill based training since his school days. After 12 years of work, he decided to dedicate towards establishing the school, without taking a single rupee as salary. His aim is to establish a mechanism where he can provide education to 1000 children by the year 2020. He also counsels Street children, Rag pickers & street children surviving on the railway network and stations towards rehabilitating these children from addiction to whitener fluids (Kores, etc). He is also associated with other NGO and charitable organizations like Asha Hyderabad chapter, Ramakrishna Upper Primary School, Aadarana home for orphan and needy children.

NICE was started with a mission to liberate and educate children subjected to child labor, bonded labor in technical and vocational training so as to enable the child to start working as an apprentice soon after he reaches 18 yrs of age. Mr. Purnachander Rao, is now providing full time service as Secretary to NICE and does not take salary. Also, he makes sure that all the transactions at the organization are transparent with all documentation necessary.

The school provides fully free education now (CBSE Affiliation #130349) from 5th Standard to 10th Standard to mostly orphans, single parent and needy children.