10th CBSE Results of NICE Students:

NICE Children passed 10th Standard CBSE syllabus, not just 100% PASS, but all 100% in First division. This is the first time in our history and we don’t think there is any such school, which has got 100% First Division result. Two of the students got 10GPA. We thank all the teaching staff, volunteers, and donors for all their efforts and support.

New Basket Ball, Volleyball courts along with extended girls home inaugurated on 17 Feb 2015

NICE (Needy Illiterate Children Education) was formed in May 2002 and registered with the ‘Office of the Registrar of Societies, Rangareddy District – Hyderabad’ as a Society under the ‘Societies Registration Act 2001’. (Regn. No. 595 of 2002).

The objective of NICE is to liberate and educate children subjected to child labor, bonded labor in technical and vocational training so as to enable the child to start working as an apprentice soon after he reaches 18 yrs of age.

As a part of this effort NICE established a FULLY FREE residential school and CBSE affiliated to these children. The aim of NICE is to provide Food, Shelter, Health and Career path for these children. NICE is the only CBSE school, working as Non Profit and Charitable Organization running in a rural place. There are presently 140 boys and 60 girls residing and studying in NICE.